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Pukka practice

Pukka Ayurvedic products

A couple of months ago the lovely people at Pukka Herbs asked me to “test drive” and then review, honestly, a couple of their products and as I was planning an Autumn cleanse anyway (which I mentioned in my last blog), I was more than happy to do this.

So here are my thoughts on their products and how they helped me prepare for a healthy Autumn. I also hope this blog provides you with some ideas and inspiration on staying healthy as we move into Winter.

Many holistic systems of healing recommend a cleanse in the transitional seasons (ie. Autumn and Spring), to help let go of any accumulated toxins, or ama as it’s called in Ayurvedic medicine, which can put extra pressure on the body’s systems, particularly the immune system. After a busy summer, I certainly felt that my body was in need of a little TLC. I have been experiencing some of the negative symptoms associated with Autumn as discussed in the last blog and I was generally feel a bit dull and lethargic.

The first thing I did was change my yoga practice to one more suited to autumn – so plenty of twists, inversions and my favourite the Earth Sequence. I’m also naturally drawn to doing more relaxations and longer meditations, as the days get shorter, I think it’s the draw of the cosy warm fire! I’ve also been making a concerted effort to get out into nature more, walking and enjoying the autumn colours. I don’t know about you but however fed up I feel, a brisk walk always lifts my spirit – try it and prove me wrong!

I’ve also been listening to what my body needs – massages with the oils I mentioned last time, early nights and time to myself to indulge my creative side.

Now for a confession – My name is Isabel Carter and I have an addiction to tea, strong builders tea with plenty of milk, all day long.

Yes, I know it’s shocking! I know that caffeine is not good for me and especially not in Autumn, so I am making a concerted effort to cut down. I don’t have a problem with herb or fruit teas, I just feel that black tea is more satisfying. That’s where Pukka products have really helped. They sent me Licorice and Cinamon tea to try and I can honestly say it is one of the tastiest teas I’ve ever had. It felt warm and nurturing in my tummy and has just the right balance of flavours. Some of my team don’t like licorice, so were never going to like this, but everyone else who tried it agreed with me – a really lovely drink. The reduction in caffeine has certainly helped my insomnia, so I’m feeling much more full of energy.

I was also asked to try the Ayurvedic formula, Triphala, which is said to detoxify, nourish and help maintain a healthy digestive tract. I also read that it has powerful antioxidant properties too, so good for keeping me youthful! I don’t suffer from digestive problems, however, after an initial feeling of bloating, I then felt that I was being gently cleaned out. I also noticed that after a couple of weeks my tongue looked really healthy – smooth and pink, with no cracks, teeth marks or “furry” coating. Another welcome benefit I noticed was that my usual love for all things sweet was diminished – no craving and no “cold turkey”, I just didn’t want sugar, simple as that.

Since finishing my mini detox and the course of  Triphala, I feel well and touch wood I’ve avoided this latest round of colds and stomach upsets. My skin looks clear and I am still naturally choosing nourishing food options. Many of the autumn symptoms I had been experiencing have vanished and I feel positive and grounded and ready to move into a healthy winter.

I hope this has inspired you to take good care of yourself – you deserve it! If you do try any of the autumn recommendations do let me know how you get on.

Until next time Ix

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