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Hello. My name is Isabel Carter and I am Inside Out Dru Yoga!

I started practising yoga regularly 30 years ago and have been teaching Dru Yoga and Meditation full time for 20 years. I have also been teaching others to be Dru Yoga teachers since 2006.

Dru Yoga is not just a job for me, it is my passion. I really appreciate the tangible health and wellbeing benefits and the joy that my practice brings. I put my yoga to the test on a daily basis - it never lets me down, helping me through some very difficult times.

My yoga career has been quite a journey, over the years teaching many, many people in a whole host of settings, from adult education to gyms, weekly classes to in depth workshops and CPD sessions, patient groups to corporate classes, West Yorkshire Fire Service HQ to building site tea cabins, professional sports people to people in their 90’s.

I am also lucky enough to be the Wellbeing Co-ordinator for a local healthcare charity.

I first became aware of the power of yoga following the sudden death of my much loved father.

Practising Dru Yoga was pretty much the only time I felt at peace, and it allowed me to release my grief in a controlled way.

In 2016 I was diagnosed with a serious auto immune disease, I had a rather torrid time on the medication I was prescribed, and though I fully accept that it was the only option open to me at the time, I knew that this wasn’t a long term solution for me. I set about using my Dru Yoga, and with much help along the way from my teachers and an Ayurvedic practitioner I got myself off all my medication, completely cleared myself of the illness in record time, much to the astonishment of my consultant who wouldn’t sign me off immediately because he couldn’t believe what I’d done…and I’m so grateful to be able to say, I’ve not had any problems since.

It is my desire to share the practical and effective tools I have learnt that drives all my teaching. I want everyone to experience the power of Dru Yoga!

Over the years my teaching has evolved and I find myself moving more and more into training the trainer, teaching CPD events and running more focused health and wellbeing workshops.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to know more about my yoga journey and more importantly, how I can help you on your journey.

My Journey: About Us

SW. Yoga teacher

"Inside Out's classes are amazing. I would highly recommend them.
I’ve been a student for over 8 years now and I could not recommend classes enough. Isabel is so knowledgeable, always explains the benefits. Her instructions and care for her students' well-being is fantastic always a watchful eye to ensure everyone is practicing safely. There are modifications to adapt to everyone’s abilities. I just love her classes and I always, always feel so much better after class. Classes are friendly and there is always time if you need to ask any questions. The Facebook posts are great and always nuggets of information and tips. Thanks you for your continued support and getting us through especially these last few months"

My Journey: Quote
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