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The many applications of Bach Rescue Remedy

You might have seen that we have a new to Inside Out workshop coming up on the many uses of Bach Rescue Remedy, Saturday February 15th, 2 – 4.30pm at our Acanthus studio, price just £18. I thought it would be nice to ask Flower Remedy enthusiast Sandra to tell us a little bit of why she is such an advocate of this safe and effective remedy, and some of it’s applications. A little taster of what she will be sharing at the session….

“I am grateful for the opportunity to share my experience and enthusiasm about the amazing versatility and power of Bach Rescue to relieve the emotional outcomes of shock in serious, even life threatening situations to those everyday upsets. Learn how to treat all scenarios.

On a personal level I have always been a bit of a fainter, but I can always rely on Bach Rescue to gently and quickly bring me round. Furthermore if I keep taking it afterwards, say for once an hour for several doses, emotional stability returns and shakiness is replaced by a feeling of strength. To me this is a little miracle.

For young children who have become very upset after a bad day at school Rescue Remedy will soothe their emotional stress and enable them to face up to the situation, but as above it is a good idea to take them for a while afterwards too, to clear up the ‘residue’ so to speak.

I once had to give my Mum (aged 92) Rescue Remedy when during a conversation she suddenly became very distressed and over-whelmed by various health issues. She went into a sort of melt-down. I was astonished how rapidly she calmed down and regained a sense of proportion and balance.

Those who are going through separation, redundancy, depression, bereavement, long-time carers, serious illness, difficult or abusive relationships, etc. would all benefit from using Rescue Remedy to help them through their crisis times. After the immediate crisis is over long-term treatment with some of the other Bach Flower Remedies will address more specific individual issues. These will be introduced at a later date and will deal with emotional problems such as fear and anxiety, lack of faith or confidence, loneliness, despondency and despair, anger and over-sensitivity.

There are so many applications for Bach Rescue to be taken as emergency relief, but it is less well-known for its ability to help with an infinite number of lesser temporary disturbances. There is so much more to Rescue Remedy that I would be delighted to share with you.”

I’ve long been a fan of rescue remedy (you’ll know this if you come to my classes!) but it’s only in the last few years that I have truly understood it’s potential, and realised that whilst taking just the one ‘dose’ is helpful, knowing how much to take, how to apply it (drops on the tongue, cream, in water etc) and how long to take it for infinitely increases it’s efficacy, and it’s safe for me to take. If this has peaked your interest and you’d like to join us then please do get in touch.

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