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An Inside Out knee success story.

Further to my last post on knees, I thought I’d share with you a recent Inside Out knee success story!

A client recently joined one of our beginner yoga classes, because she wanted to do something about her problematic knees. Before joining the class her knees had become so swollen and stiff, that she’d had to curtail her fun on the golf course, whilst her GP had told her that nothing could be done and she would have to put up with it.

When you sign up for a course with Inside Out we really can tailor classes to suit your needs, so for this lady we made sure we helped her strengthen the muscles supporting the knee joints and moved all the leg joints through their full range of movements. Within 5 weeks the swelling had completely gone and the knees were moving “the best they’d been for years” and she was able to return to the golf course and she even joined a gym – one happy, satisfied customer!

If you are having problems with your joints, why not sign up for a course of yoga? I like to think of my yoga practice like a pill that I might get from the doctor . I’d have to keep taking the tablets every day to maintain the benefits and yoga is just the same, I have to practice regularly to stay fit, flexible and healthy. Commiting to a course of sessions really will make a big difference to how you feel, contact us now to find out how we can help you.

Be inspired further, by reading more of our yoga success stories on this page.

Take care, Ix

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