Success Stories

It’s always great to receive positive feedback from people on how our Yoga classes have made a positive contribution to their lives or have helped someone with their well-being.

We’ve had a few such uplifting comments recently, so we thought we’d share them with the world through this page. We’ll add more from time-to-time as we get them, so please keep revisiting.

Want to add your own positive feedback of your Inside Out yoga experience? Then simply drop us an email or speak to your instructor at your next yoga class.

Success Story #1: No More Back Problems

This testimonial is from a gentleman who started at one of our back care courses and now attends our Thursday evening class at Liversedge:

Since attending your specialised six session back problem class I no longer have the back problems I had. My back problems had affected my life for nearly forty years since a horse riding accident. Took usual route, GP, pysiotherapists, remedial masseur. Only when I took up yoga regularly and learnt specific yoga postures was the problem solved.

Success Story #2: Mum of Four

Here’s a lovely testimonial from a Mum of four young children who comes to one of our evening classes, it’s so great to hear that people use the techniques we teach. It’s all about practical solutions for people here at Inside Out!

I came to yoga suffering from stress and anxiety. From the outset I felt better, just the simple things like the breathing techniques and posture helped me cope. Now if I’m feeling anxious I will practice standing in the position I have learned – this will calm me down, I feel more relaxed and focused. At night if I can’t get to sleep, I use the relaxation techniques: I feel stronger, more supple and more able to relax since I started yoga.

Success Story #3: Improved Flexibility

Here’s another great story of how our students have benefited from our classes, from someone who comes to our classes twice a week.

I have had arthritis for many years requiring me to wear a joint brace. I have been amazed at the beneficial effect that Dru Yoga has had on my joints. I no longer have to wear a brace and a great deal of flexibility has returned. I would recommend Dru Yoga to other suffers of Arthritis, plus it is great fun too!

Success Story #4: Coping with Christmas

Following a recent blog post on crocodile for tummy upsets, a few of you have been inspired to send me your stories of how yoga has helped you recently. Here’s a great one from a lady who comes to our Thursday afternoon class.

Having had a patch of feeling decidedly under the weather, the preparations for Christmas, coupled with a few days away that would minimise preparation time, threatened to overwhelm me. I took myself in hand and finally pushed myself to do some daily yoga practice. Fig tree. Helped my aching sinuses and with that the woolliness of my brain seemed reduced. Clearer thinking and calmness came with the lovely earth sequence. And what I like to think of as very slow Sun sequence, Sitting Spinal Twist and Tree gave me the strength and energy I needed to have a wonderful family Christmas. Thanks, Isabel and Dru Yoga.

Success Story #5: My Dru Experience

Thought you might find this little testimonial useful from a lady who is currently on our Dru Yoga teacher training course – I love it when someone practices and discovers the healing powers of yoga for themselves!

I thought I’d drop you a quick email and let you know about a Dru experience I had last night. I’d been in a lot of pain all day with my hips and a headache that was making me feel sick, I arrived at my friend’s for the weekend and spent a couple of hours being sick, I was lying in bed feeling like I couldn’t move without being sick. (I thought about) Isabel and her story about lying on a beach in crocodile with a bad stomach so I decided to give it a go. I spent 5 mins psyching myself up to move onto my stomach! I concentrated on breathing into my stomach and stayed there until my arms hurt from lying in the position and when I moved I didn’t feel sick anymore and stopped being sick! It was amazing!