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Natural Balance

Bring focus and clarity

I had a fantastic time teaching my workshop on balance, last weekend. It proved to be a very popular and effective session, with great feedback, which is always welcome! Preparing my lesson plan really got me thinking about what an amazing tool yoga is for keeping us in balance as we negotiate this very busy modern world.

In the workshop we talked about physical balance – what muscles we use, how our eyes, ears and central nervous system are involved. We also looked at how physical balance and emotional balance go hand in hand. If I am feeling good, then my balance is good, if I’m a bit off kilter then I can guarantee my balance will be all over the place. Once I notice this, I work with grounding postures in my yoga practice, including plenty of balance poses, and as if by magic, I soon find my way back to my centre.

We also looked at that perenial problem, for women especially, of hormonal balance! Whilst I think some of the claims about the beneficial effects of yoga on the endocrine system have been exaggerated, or have as yet been untested by the scientific world, I have seen in others and experienced in myself very tangible results of how yoga can help us feel more in control. Alternate nostril breathing, both moon and sun sequence, cat, and again, the balance postures, are of particular use I find. When you consider that hormones travel in the blood stream, it makes perfect sense to me that practising yoga, which boosts our circulation would work. On top of that, yoga postures give our glands and organs a good squeeze, pushing out the blood that needs to be cleaned, and when released the fresh oxygenated blood, full of hormones and nutrients can flow into the glands and organs.

One thing that I am acutely aware of, is how busy everyone is. I worry that we do not have the balance needed for a healthy and fulfilling life. I am firm believer that life is for living and enjoying, with fun and laughter being high up the list of priorities. I’m self employed, so I understand the need to make hay when the sun shines! I can very easily get lost in my to do list. I also know, that all work and no play, makes Isabel a very dull (and tired, and poorly!) girl.

My life lessons have taught me that yes, I need to work, but I also need equal amounts of rest, creative time and play time. My Dru Yoga practice helps me to find the balance in my life. It gives me the strength and inner resolve to say no (Warrior poses, and the Breath of Arjuna). It helps me to listen to what my body needs (meditation practice and the Energy Block Release sequences). It gives me essential rest and restoration time (daily relaxations, restorative yoga postures such as viparia karani). It has also allowed me to focus on what is truly important to me, and what I can let go of (Eagle and Dancer). As I bring balance to my all areas of my life, I am always amazed by how much energy I have for other things, and bizarrely I seem to have more time, I get a lot more done when I take time out to relax, be creative or go for a walk, than if I just spend my time ticking off my to do list.

Are there some areas of your life that you feel are not getting the attention they deserve? Add some balance postures to your daily yoga practice, include a relaxation, and 10 rounds of alternate nostril breathing, and see what difference it makes to you.

If you need more specific ideas on what to practice to bring balance to different areas of your life then do get in touch. Ix

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