Dru Yoga teacher Isabel Carter started practising yoga regularly 30 years ago and has been teaching Dru Yoga and Meditation full time for 20 years. She has been teaching others to be Dru Yoga teachers since 2006.

Through these blog posts, Isabel shares her insights regarding diet and nutrition, exercise, yoga and meditation to help you keep your sparkle. 

Please enjoy, share and contribute her posts where you can.


Natural Balance

Bring focus and clarity I had a fantastic time teaching my workshop on balance, last weekend. It proved to be a very popular and effective session, with great feedback, which is always welcome! Preparing my lesson plan really got me thinking about what an amazing tool yoga is for keeping us in balance as we negotiate this very busy modern world. In the workshop we talked about physical balance – what muscles we use, how our eyes, ears and central nervous system are involved.

Sure fire ways to knock yourself off balance!

The last couple of blogs have been looking at how the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda can help us to Ayurveda. The elements and the doshas stay well. Ayurveda firmly believes that prevention is better than cure and in the last blog I talked a little bit about how to recognise our predominant dosha or constitution. Once you have this information you can then start to make food and lifestyle choices which best suit you. In this blog I’m going to note some of things that will dis

Harness the power of your mind

We are rising now to the Brow centre, Ajna, the 6th chakra in our exploration. All about having a clear purpose in life, ajna rests in the space between the eyebrows. Visualise here a deep, rich indigo, imagine it flowing across your forehead, soothing the brow and settling the thoughts. Although this chakra is connected with the mind and the intellect, knowledge and understanding, it’s also about that which we cannot readily understand or know. It’s that feeling you sometime

Bring your holiday feeling home

I hope that you have all had good summers and managed to get some relaxing time off work. A holiday, either staying at Seated spinal twist – good for the kidneys & digestive system home or going away, can be just the energy boost we need to see us through the busy-ness of Autumn and into the Festive season (sorry!). In my final Holiday themed blog I’m thinking about how to maximise on that wonderful post holiday feeling. It always seems a shame to me, that I go away, rest and

Balanced hormones?

Sun seqence to benefit the nervous system and balance hormones. Ever feel that your body is working against you?! You try your best to maintain your equilibrium, but sometimes you just lose your cool for no reason!? I’m going to guess that we can all answer yes to this and often we blame our hormones, and actually that often is the truth of it. In this blog I thought I’d explore a little how our bodies try to stay in healthy balance, whilst we get on with life! The main syste

Balance is more than just physical balance!

Balancing in tree posture Here’s a leading question – do you have good work / life balance? People often tell me that they’re so busy they don’t even know what work / life balance means, let alone achieve it, and yet I would argue that it is one of the most important keys to good health. In my last few blogs I’ve been exploring balance, talking mostly about the ability to physically balance, but I believe there is more to balance than just being able to stand on 1 leg. The wo

Bring strength and stability into your life

The mountain pose In the 3rd of my blogs about balance, I thought I would look at the importance of muscles to help us stay upright. Posture is a great reflection of how we balance. In our classes we spend time, every lesson, getting you stand correctly, in Tadasana (the mountain pose). We guide you through your body, ensuring that you are stood in alignment. This is so important, it gives us time to find the perfect balance for our physical body, which then naturally eases t

Balance – use it or lose it!

“Use it or lose it” is a great saying and never more true than when we think about our ability to balance. Watch children playing, they are constantly challenging their balance reflex and considering the amount of risks they take kids actually fall (and injure themselves badly) very little. As we get older though we do not put our body in balance situations, so our ability to balance decreases. Essentially we are telling our brains and bodies that balance is not important to

Balancing acts

Balancing postures are one of my favourite groups of yoga postures to practice and I know many of you love them too. Balancing in tree posture There are many benefits to practicing balances, and we try to put some sort of balance in every class, though they can be a challenge. You probably find too, that sometimes your balance is brilliant and other times you’ve all on staying upright on 2 feet let alone 1 foot! So I thought I’d use my next series of blogs to explore balances

Yoga for a healthy Autumn

Autumn definitely seems to have arrived this morning, here at Inside Out HQ! So it felt timely to share with you some of the yoga we’ll be practicing in our weekly classes during this transitional season. Crane pose is a balance and a forward bend Autumn can be a busy time, back to school or work after the summer holidays, new fitness regimes as we head towards the party season and all the busy-ness that seems to be part of autumn, and it is easy to get swept along by this if