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Give your dreams wings

The Archer

The Archer from EBR3 “Awakening the heart”

In my last but one post I was commenting on the Olympics and all the positive things that I felt came out of the event. I especially loved the positive attitudes of the athletes with their determination and drive, and this got me thinking about the goals I set myself (or to be honest, lack of goals I set myself!).

So, with this in mind I’ve decided I need to have a think about what I want to achieve, how I am going to reach my goals and what I can learn from the Olympic competitors, and how I can use my Dru yoga to help me. One of my favourite characters of London 2012 was Usain Bolt. Of course I admire his speed and athletic prowess, but I also admire his attitude to life. Clearly he is focussed on winning, yet he has this amazing ability to joke around before a race and then immediately bring himself into “the zone” just before the starting gun goes off – this is a real lesson for all of us who try to live in the present!

In one interview I heard, he was commenting that his “starts” were not his strength, but you know what, he doesn’t agonise over them, no…he doesn’t focus on them at all! What an eye opener! He puts his energy into his strength ie. the way he finishes a race. He tries his best with his starts and I’m sure he practises them, but he doesn’t beat himself up about them. Oh, my, what a revelation! Again, he’s showing great understanding of ancient wisdom – what you focus on grows.

In Dru we have a beautiful movement called the archer.  Used alone or practised as part of a sequence (those of you familiar with Dru will have practised it in Energy Block Release sequence 3 : “Awakening the heart”) this posture helps us give energy to our goals and ensures we reach our target.

Start in Tadasana (mountain pose), settle your physical body and your breathing. Take a moment to bring to mind your goal. What is it you want to achieve? Now turn the right foot out to the right and let the left foot follow. Extend your right arm out, to the right, at shoulder height, palm pushed facing away. Bring the left arm up to shoulder height, bending it at the elbow, so the hand is level with the heart and adopt the archer mudra if you are familiar with it. Engage your core as you pull your arrow back (ie. the left arm) keeping the elbow bent, taking the weight slightly into the back leg. Think about your goal, now give it wings and let your arrow fly, pushing the left arm to meet the extend right arm. Careful not to jar the shoulders or elbow, keeping the back foot anchored, allowing the hips and shoulders to naturally turn towards the right. You might want to do this a couple of times on the right, before repeating on the left. Keep your goal in mind throughout, giving it plenty of your strong, positive energy. When you’ve completed, return to tadasasna and once more settle. Feel content that you have given your goal energy, knowing that what you focus on grows.

To find out more about this amazingly powerful posture, you really need to experience it with a Dru Yoga tutor in person, or check out the Dru UK online studio, where you will learn how to refine the movement to help you experience it’s more subtle energy and benefits.

To get an idea of the movement, check out Usain Bolt’s signature pose! I reckon he’s been to a Dru class! Wonder if I could get a class going in Jamaica? Now there’s a goal!!

Goal setting in itself is an enormous subject and is going to be the subject of some future posts, however I want to do a bit more research on them first. Until my next post, take care and I hope you have fun playing around with this pose and giving your dreams wings. Ix

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