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Give your dreams wings

I hope you’ve managed to dream a bit about 2017, and you’ve got some idea of how you’d like the new year to shape up. In this post I’m going to look at some ways to boost your energy so that you’ve got all you need to let your dreams unfold.

The Archer

The Archer from EBR3 “Awakening the heart”

It’s great writing down your goals and wishes, display them somewhere that you will see daily, so that you keep reminding yourself what your inner self asked for. This in itself is a great way to keep you on track. You do though need to take some action to make these dreams come to fruition. There are many tools you can employ to help you break your goals down into bite sized chunks, focussing on making small, achievable, regular steps forwards, and I’m sure you know what works for you, but a quick search on google will provide you with loads of ideas if you are stuck.

To keep making these steps towards your goals, though, you need energy. Indeed we need energy for every single task and function we perform every minute of the day, so it makes sense to keep our energy levels high.

I know I talk about this a lot, but it is so important to keep your batteries topped up. If you think of your car, and you just kept driving and driving, not stopping to refuel, or if you fill up with diesel when your car is a unleaded then it’s obvious that your car is going to grind to a halt. We are exactly the same! You cannot keep giving and giving, without taking appropriate time out to refuel or do not give ourselves the correct fuel we need, without eventually coming to a stop. In a desperate attempt to make us rest and rejuvenate our body often throws us an illness (how many of us are down with colds following the busy festive period!?) or an accident. Ignore this plea at your peril! Please take it from one who learned the hard way.

Truly and honestly filling my well is one of the greatest lessons I learned in 2016, and my goal for 2017 is to actually use this lesson, not just talk about it, which is why I’ve taken some time off work this last week whilst I’ve had cold (previously unheard of!). Not just topping up so that I could keep going, but taking proper time and care of my myself, having a full service if we are keeping on the car theme! My reserves had become so depleted there was nothing left, nothing for me to heal or rest well, nothing left for me to fulfill my dreams (or even have dreams if I’m honest), and nothing left for me to give to others. I’m still work in progress and still take plenty of time out to rejuvenate, but here are some of my favourite ways to refuel.

  1. Take time to do proper relaxations (I do at least one a day now, every day, without fail), and make sure you get adequate sleep (I’ve done loads of posts and blogs on this if you need help).

  2. I’m on a roll now with the motoring metaphors…Formula 1 cars are not fuelled with the same unleaded petrol that I fill my little Corsa up with. They need high performance super fuel to give them power. We are just the same. If I eat rubbish, I feel rubbish. Don’t we all deserve food that is full of nutrients to power us?

  3. Have some fun, be creative, exercise, get out in nature. Please don’t make it all about work.

  4. Be still. Meditate. Breathe. Listen to your inner voice.

  5. Learn to say “no” – I think there’s enough in these 4 words to fill at least another blog! But I’m told practice makes it easier!

  6. Yoga, yoga, yoga 🙂

What yoga to practice though to best boost your energy? As as Dru Yogi, I would always say start with any of our unique Energy Block Release practices – they do exactly what they say on the tin. You can practice a different EBR each time or even better, focus on 1 for a length of time, playing around with it, changing the focus and noticing what comes up.

We need the energy to flow freely up the spine, unhindered through all the chakras, so anything that gets your spine moving is beneficial. In Dru Yoga we always aware of a spinal wave, allowing each and every movement to flow from the base of the spine to the crown. Include a cat in your daily practice, a good twist and a strong back bend such as cobra to open your chest, which is where a lot of energy blocks up.

Triangle postures are great for opening your rib cage and lung area, giving your mood a boost, which will naturally give your energy levels a lift. Bhima is my favourite posture if I’m feeling a bit low. We’ve been practising it in classes recently, see photo for reminder, of how to move into it.

For me, though, the best movement for giving some oomph to your dreams and goals is the Archer, from the 3rd Dru energy block release sequence.

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Bring your hands to your heart centre as if holding a ball, and focus for a moment on your goal. See it, feel it.

  2. Extend your right arm out to the side at shoulder height, palm facing away. Bend your left arm at the elbow so the forearm is in line with the chest and form the Archer mudra, thumb up, ring and little finger folded into the palm.

  3. Inhale, pull your left elbow back, feeling the stretch across your chest. Bend your back knee slightly, keeping your core muscles engaged (you need the strength and stability to achieve). Think about your goal, see it in the present moment.

  4. Exhale, pushing your “arrow” forwards so that it is now level with your extended arm, keeping the back heel down but allowing your front knee to bend and your torso tall (don’t lurch, keep your energy contained).

  5. Repeat 3x on each side. Focussing on your goal with each release. Come back to a standing position and know that your dream has landed 🙂

If you need more ideas on how to boost your energy then do get in touch. Lots of energy building yoga coming up in classes too. I think we all need a bit extra at this time of year!

Next time I’m going to look at what yoga postures can help us stay on track, giving a boost to our will power and strengthening determination. Ix

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