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Computer misery and beyond!

Hello! It’s been some time since my last post, largely because I’ve been having some rather troublesome computer

problems. Still not sorted but I’ve managed to “persuade” someone to let me use their computer so I can blog again!

My 4 month old laptop has had a major hardware failure, so it’s back with the manufacturer and to add a little extra challenge into the mix, it went down just as it was synching my new phone, hours before I went on holiday, so for quite a few days I had no method of communication at all. It’s been an interesting time to say the least, and I’ve learnt lots, some of which I thought I’d share.

  1. My world doesn’t collapse if I can’t check my Facebook page

After an initial and undeniable wobble because I couldn’t reply to emails, update my social media or do any of the other things I rely on my computer to do, I found that actually it’s OK! In fact, if I’m honest, it’s more than OK, it’s quite nice to not be checking and in work mode when I should be relaxing. This lesson I will certainly remember and even though I am able to access everything on my phone now, I’m not stopping the task I’m on with to respond every time the phone pings. To my great delight I find I’m more efficient, get more done and still have free time, and my mind is so much easier to clear in meditation.

  1. Patience is definitely a virtue and when it comes to computers something I’m not blessed with!

Generally speaking I like to think that I am a patient person, certainly when it comes to my work but I’m sorry to say technology presses all my buttons. After quite literally hours and hours on the phone to various help desks I was ready for throwing my laptop and phone into the skip, I was so frustrated. The more frustrated I got, the worse the whole situation seemed to get. I had to take time out. For me, that was a walk in the fresh air to put things back into perspective. It wasn’t the end of the world, just a blip and I could deal with it! No need for the drama, just an acceptance that this is how it is. So, I went back on the phone, checked in with my breathing (focussing on abdominal breathing with an equal rhythm is one of the best ways I’ve found to get your emotions back under control) and amazingly things started to get sorted when I’d stopped resisting.

  1. Focussing on the problem doesn’t help, focussing on solutions does

After a period of wallowing in my technological misery (I love a bit of hyperbole) I decided to take more positive action and thought about something I’d read in “The Chimp Paradox” by Dr Steve Peters, to paraphrase, sometimes we need a little wallowing time but ultimately it gets us nowhere, time to think instead about what solutions could I come up with? I was stuck on the technical side, nothing to be done, but when I started thinking about it logically I found there were quite a few ways that I could ease the situation, and most of them have worked. I wrote all my ideas down, then used a Dru energy block release sequence “Awakening the Heart” to focus on a the best outcome and finding the help I needed….and guess what ….. I’ve had an amazing amount of help from many people. Big thank you to all who have helped me, it is much appreciated!

I’m not convinced that computers make our lives easier, yes they’re great when they’re working, but they bring a whole heap of challenges when they’re not! But I have to move with the times and am slowly emerging from my Luddite existence, but now not so much kicking and screaming, more accepting of the situation as I take tentative steps deeper into the cyber world 🙂

This has been a challenge for me, and you will have many different challenges of your own. It has been my experience that the best way to deal with them is to think about what lessons you can take from the situation then at least there is some positive outcome, that way I can think that there was a point to the upset and it wasn’t just a giant waste of energy!


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