Dru Yoga teacher Isabel Carter started practising yoga regularly 30 years ago and has been teaching Dru Yoga and Meditation full time for 20 years. She has been teaching others to be Dru Yoga teachers since 2006.

Through these blog posts, Isabel shares her insights regarding diet and nutrition, exercise, yoga and meditation to help you keep your sparkle. 

Please enjoy, share and contribute her posts where you can.


Golden Lake Village

View of the Nant Ffrancon Valley, Snowdon Continuing on our theme of silence, have you heard the story of Golden Lake Village? The people of Golden Lake Village were silent, they did not have the power of language. Life there was peaceful and contented, and as a community they were caring and loving. One day some travellers came to the village. The elders of Golden Lake Village were intrigued by the spoken language of these visitors and they prayed to be given a language so t

Honouring our teachers

The joy of stillness Did you notice the beautiful full moon last night? If I’ve got my astronomy correct that was the biggest full moon of the year. It’s also an auspicious time in yogic tradition, known as Guru Purnima, a time to honour and thank all our teachers who have brought us to this point in life, a theme I’d like to explore a little in this blog. Throughout our lives we encounter teachers, those who take us a bit further along the path. Some of them are obvious (oft

How do you feel right now?

Over the last couple of blogs we have been exploring the yogic philosophy of koshas, or layers o Yoga for calm f being. We started our tour in the physical layer, then moved into the energy layer and now we journey into our emotional or feeling layer, the manomaya kosha. Sometimes during a yoga practice we can become emotional, tears may well roll, and very often we don’t know where they have come from, or they bring with some memory that we’ve pushed into the recesses of our

Breathe yourself healthy

Last time I introduced the yogic concept of the layers of our being. We started with the physical layer. I’m hoping that since my last blog you have been observing your physical body when you’ve been practicing yoga – how you move, where is it feeling stiff or clunky, what bits move freely and comfortably, where do you need to stretch or strengthen – and generally getting to know yourself, then using this knowledge to help your self. In this article I’d like to explore the ne

What is the point of yoga poses?

Flowing Tree Pose Recently I read this fantastic explanation of yoga postures or asana, in Deepak Chopra’s book “The seven spiritual laws of yoga” : “The word asana means “seat” or “position”. When people consider yoga, they usually think of this branch, which refers to the postures people enter into to achieve physical flexibility & tone. At a deeper level, asana means the full expression of mind-body integration, in which you become consciously aware of the flow of life ene

Meditate your way to a glorious 2016

Happy New Year! This is a wonderful time of year. A fresh start, a clean slate; like starting a new school exercise book, full of promise and hope. The joy of stillness Winter and the new year in particular, is the time of year for reflection and letting go of the past and thinking about what we really want from life. Bringing some stillness into your day is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, on every level of your being. Apart from being fantastic for just abou

All that we are is a result of what we have thought

In my 4th and final installment of my blogs on how yoga can help you manage your weight, I want to focus on the power of the mind and how specific yoga techniques can change our mindset to one of positivity. Dru Yoga has some great techniques for giving us the energy and the strength of mind we need to achieve our goals. Look no further than the wonderful archer pose, particularly when used as part of the “Awakening the Heart” energy block release sequence (see photo). As you

Yoga to nourish your tummy

Here’s the third blog in my series about using yoga to help you maintain a healthy weight. This time I’m going to look at how our yoga practice encourages Aid digestion in the fish pose us to make helpful food choices. I am not a nutritionist or dietician, and I am not going to tell you what to eat. There’s plenty of food help and advice out there if you need it. I will, however, just mention a couple of things that have always served me well : Be honest with yourself. Food d

The power of silence

As some of you know, I’ve been lucky enough to spend a few days of this new year away on a meditation retreat, at the Dru centre in Snowdonia. It was a wonderful opportunity and I came away feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready for the year ahead. The wild weather on my retreat I’ve had a lot of questions asking me about what I do on retreat and what is the point – all fair questions! Here are some of my answers. In a nutshell, on retreat I spend a lot of time sitting in m

Filling the well….and wishing you all a merry Christmas

I know you were expecting a blog on yoga’s answer to anti-wrinkle cream, which, I Practising meditation – stillness and silence promise will be the next one, but I really felt I wanted to blog today about staying healthy at this busy time, and there seems to be a lot of winter bugs to fight off at the moment. Winter is naturally time for stillness. A time to hibernate. Autumn was a time for shedding what no longer serves us, so that we can move into this new season of quiet r

Never regret your old age…

My Nan at 90 “Never regret your old age – it’s a privilege denied to many”, I’ve no idea who said these wise words but I do like them. I’ve been thinking a lot about old age recently and thought in my next series of blogs I’d share some yogic and not so yogic thoughts on the aging process, and how to make it easier! As a nation we are all living longer, the average life expectancy for a man is 78.7 years and 82.6 years for a woman. The amount of over 90’s has increased by m

Computer misery and beyond!

Hello! It’s been some time since my last post, largely because I’ve been having some rather troublesome computer problems. Still not sorted but I’ve managed to “persuade” someone to let me use their computer so I can blog again! My 4 month old laptop has had a major hardware failure, so it’s back with the manufacturer and to add a little extra challenge into the mix, it went down just as it was synching my new phone, hours before I went on holiday, so for quite a few days I h

Be inspired to be still

Enjoying some peace and quiet One of my favourite pictures in our Inside Out “Yoga on your holidays” competition (see our Facebook page “insideoutdruyoga” for more details) was this photo of 3 ladies sat meditating on a rock in the Yorkshire Dales. I love it not just because it is aesthetically pleasing, but because, for me, it encapsulates the very essence of yoga and meditation. It doesn’t matter where you are, it’s not about waiting for the right time and it’s not about ha

Moving into stillness

Practise stillness In my last post, I talked a little bit about meditation and I hope you’ve had the opportunity to experience just being. One of the key elements of meditation is stillness. Often easier said than done! However, if you can work on bringing stillness into the physical body then the mind will follow. Whenever there’s an article on meditation, it’s generally accompanied by a photo of someone sat cross legged on the floor. A picture of peace and serenity. Now, if

Are we human being or human doing?

Practising mindfulness It’s been a while since I last blogged. April was a busy month and this busy-ness has got me thinking! In and amongst all the busy-ness I was lucky enough to take 5 days away on a meditation retreat. I was at the beautifully nurturing Dru Yoga training centre in Snowdonia and, whilst I was there partly to get my continued professional development (CPD) points, it’s also a great opportunity for me to slow down, recharge and take stock. Snowdon Lodge is a

Happy New Year

Tree posture helps us stay in balance Happy New Year! Hope you all stayed healthy and relaxed by following my last blog post! For my first post of 2013 I’m going to share with you one of my new year resolutions, to be more mindful and the reason I’ve chosen it. One day over the Christmas holiday, I spent some time (I’m not saying how much!) laid on the sofa, flicking through magazines and watching old films. As I am normally a very active person I am quite happy to give mysel

Stay ahead of the crowd with Inside Out

Practising mindfulness I hope you’ve all been “Liking” our new Facebook page – if you’ve not already looked! I don’t know about you but I am finding social media quite addictive and I love it when I get notification that I’ve been “liked”! (Or maybe I just need to get out more!?) Apparently, though, I’m not alone in this. Be honest now, how often do you find yourself looking at your texts, Facebook page, Twitter updates, emails? I read an art