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Benefit from some space in your life

Continuing my theme from last time, on making time for yourself, I thought I would look at some of the ways Dru Yoga can help us find space…and we probably need some space more than ever right now!

I often have to remind myself of the benefits I experience if I put aside time just for me. When I tell myself that I can’t possibly find the time, I just read through my list and soon realise that I can’t possibly not find this time! Here is my list:

  1. Time out helps me to feel re-energised, rejuvenated and creative.

  2. Work wise, I am much more efficient, make fewer mistakes, find I am more productive, and solve problems much more effectively if I take regular breaks, so actually need to spend less time working.

  3. I become more discerning and am able to make wiser choices around what jobs take my time up and which I can let go of.

  4. Regular breaks help me to stay more in control of my emotions – I am less irritable.

  5. I am physically healthier because I am taking time out to look after myself.

  6. As I keep recharging my batteries, I can actually give so much more, if I wish to.

I recommend you make your own list and put it somewhere that you will see it regularly – by your work station is a great place.

Yoga has so much to offer us, when we are trying to find space for ourselves. I know I sound like a broken record…but please take time out for some relaxation, it really is worth it. Laying on your back switches off your “fight or flight” response, helps muscles to release tension and boosts your energy levels, mood and immune system. Surely you are worth 5 minutes of relaxation a day?

Try some meditation, and by meditation, I mean just sitting, being still, just being. Clearing the mind creates space in your life. Sitting, looking at a candle or an open fire is very therapeutic.

If I’m ever feeling overwhelmed I always turn to Pigeon Breath. The controlled, focussed breathing practise brings me completely back into the present. Try any of the techniques we use in class which co-ordinate breath with movement – guaranteed to help you feel more relaxed and centred.

Sometimes we have so much on that we feel scattered. It’s impossible to find any space because we have so much to do and so much occupying our minds. In these situations, give yourself a couple of minutes to practise The Tree (vrksasana). In order to balance, your mind has to focus, so when you’ve finished the posture you’ll probably find that you get through your jobs much more efficiently and are able to let go of the things that you don’t really need to do, thereby creating space for yourself. As I mentioned in my last blog, to create space for yourself, you sometimes have to think outside the box. Cat (marjariasana) pose brings flexibility to your spine and your mind, so will help you find creative ways to look after yourself.

My final tip is not strictly yoga but one I’ve always found very useful. I have to keep clutter in my house to a minimum, so I can see space. The less clutter I have around me, the less clutterd my mind is.

I hope this has given you some yoga ideas of how you can develop a spacious, calm mind and in turn some therapeutic space for yourself.

Until next time, take care Ix

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