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A good spring clean

Really enjoyed Saturday’s Spring Clean workshop, it’s been a while since I’ve run a Saturday afternoon

Getting ready for the next part of the workshop

Getting ready for the next part of the workshop

session and judging by the response I got, 24 people attended, you’ve missed them as much as I have!

We had a great afternoon, looking at holistic ways to keep mind, body and soul healthy as we move through this changeable season. We did plenty of yoga, relaxation and meditation and of course found time to enjoy a cuppa with some seasonal tasty snacks (with the odd biscuit thrown in cos we’d worked so hard in our sun sequences!).

So, I thought in this blog, I would share some of the things discussed and the yoga we practiced. Hopefully this will give you some ideas for creating your own spring yoga session.

Spring is very much a time of renewal, fresh opportunities and new beginnings. A spring yoga practice is very much about letting go of the heaviness of winter with flowing and dynamic postures and sequences, with a deeper focus on how we breathe to help clear the lungs of that damp winter energy. Take inspiration from nature, after the stillness of winter, energy that has been quietly building is ready to burst out. Trees demonstrate this beautifully, and Tree pose (vrksasana) is one of our key spring yoga poses. It helps us to feel balanced and in control, so that all that potential energy gets channelled in the right direction and not wasted. Tree also gently opens the heart centre, benefitting the chest, heart and lungs. Why not play around with your tree pose? Experiment with holding the pose at different stages, which stage feels most like a spring tree?

We worked with sun sequences to build stamina and shift stagnant energy (you can also work with warriors and the vitality sequences), adding in some kappalbhati to double the cleansing effects! We also detoxified with twists, side stretches and inversions, countered with fish pose, which is also fantastic for clearing a thick head and chesty conditions. In the spring we need to open the lungs and clear phlegm (sorry but it needs to be done!) with strong forward and backward bends.

If you like visualisation, you can further support your lungs by imagining them being filled with gentle, healing yellow. Try it! You might even be able to feel your breathing slow down and deepen as your respiratory system thanks you for paying it some attention!

Here are a few other suggestions for staying vital through spring, taken largely from the Ayurvedic system of good health.

  1. Have a sauna to sweat out the impurities.

  2. Body brush to boost the lymphatic system.

  3. Choose a diet that is full of leafy green veg, asparagus, celery, fennel, brocolli and cauliflower, along with herbs and spices such as ginger, parsley, cumin, cinnamon and chilli – these will help to clear excess moisture (and mucus) from the body and also aid elimination.

  4. Eat more grains (try quinoa, barley, millet or corn) and pulses.

  5. Make meals that are warm and light and easy to digest.

  6. Have a go at salt water nasal washing (jala neti) to clear out your sinus passages – ask me for a demo if you want to know more about this amazing practice and we sell mini neti pots for just £5.50 if you fancy giving it a try. We did this at the workshop but didn’t think you needed to see photo evidence!

If you would like further information on staying healthy through spring please do come along to our yoga classes, where we are really focussing our Dru Yoga programme on supporting the body through this vibrant season.

Take care, until next time. Ix

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