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Open up to the thousand petaled lotus

Here we are then, we’ve reached the top! Our 7th chakra. The crown, Sahasrara, which very poetically translates to “Thousand petaled lotus”.

Strictly the speaking the crown isn’t a chakra like the others, although it is part of the 7 basic chakra system. The previous 6 chakras are all allowing energy to flow unhindered up to this centre, where we are said to connect with our higher consciousness.

Particular focus on this chakra is not recommend, without the guidance of a properly qualified meditation teacher. As a Dru Meditation teacher I completed the 200 hour Dru Meditation Teacher Training course, over and above my Dru Yoga Teacher Training, and since qualifying have done many more hundreds of hours on personal meditation study, practice and retreats. Proper meditation should be treated respectfully and mindfully, to ensure that you get the best results and are kept safe. We’ve discussed this before but I think it’s worth repeating, meditation is not all peace and light, it will bring up challenging emotions and issues to be dealt with. Without proper guidance we can get into difficulties. If you have concerns about this do get in touch, but do take the time to search out a properly qualified teacher, asking about their training and experience.

The colours associated with the crown chakra are violet, white and gold. It has a deep connection with our head, brain and nervous system, so problems with this chakra (including if your meditation practice has gone awry as mentioned above!) can manifest as stress, splitting headaches and migraines and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). We can feel lonely and isolated if it’s out of balance. We talk about feeling “spaced out”, more evidence that this chakra is out of balance, and can be the result of a meditation practice which hasn’t left you grounded. If you feel spaced out, unable to function after meditating please do speak to your tutor.

When this chakra is balanced and fully functioning though we display emotional maturity, confidence without ego and a sense of connection to a greater plan. In the Dru book “Stillness in Motion, they use a lovely phrase to describe sahasrara – practical spirituality. I think this is beautiful, it speaks of a connection and a spirituality that’s not floaty or airy fairy, it gets things done in a down to earth way.

One of the best ways to connect with this chakra is get out walking in nature, and once out there take time to stand in the mountain pose, tadasana, a true master yoga posture.

  1. Feet hip width apart, big toes pointing the way forwards. Knees just softened, hips neutral, gently lifting the pelvic floor, the low abdomen and the sternum. Shoulders relaxed, back of the neck long so the chin is parallel to the floor.

  2. Feel the connection your feet make with the earth, imagine you are putting roots down into the earth with each out breath, and on your in breath you feel your body expanding from your firm foundations.

  3. You can rest here for a while and once you feel connected with the earth, either slowly move out of position, or continue with this alignment breath …

  4. Inhale, imagine the breath entering the soles of the feet, rising up to the heart centre. Exhale, allowing the breath to continue upwards and out through the crown of your head. Now inhale, drawing the breath in through your crown, down to the heart centre. Exhaling, the breath moves down the body and out through the feet into the earth.

  5. Continue with this sequence for as long as you feel comfortable, noticing what you notice, allowing yourself to connect deeper into the earth and up into the heavens as you breathe, before coming out slowly and resuming your walk.

Stillness and meditation are the routes to this chakra, but we need the energy and the flow of the previous 6 to get there! So my suggestion is keep up with your yoga, practice daily stillness and silent sitting, and you will notice a change.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs, keep revisiting them and let me know how you get on. Ix

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