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Facebook – please like us!

Inside Out now has a Facebook page! You’ll find us at – please be-friend us!

Yes, I am now a fully paid up member of the 21st century.

Those of you who know me, will know that technology is not my strong point, however I have made determined effort this last couple of years to embrace it and learn new skills. I got a mobile phone and learnt to text in 2010 (no I’m really not joking, I think I was the last person under 90 not to have a mobile), last year I got my shiney new website and learnt to blog and this year, I’ve done a YouTube video and now I’m on Facebook – phew!

I’m quite exhausted now – anyone know a good relaxation teacher?!

Joking apart, embracing technology has really been a challenge for me, pushing me well out of my comfort zone but it had to be done. I took inspiration from some advice I once heard from Dr Mansukh Patel (Dru UK).

He explained that when we are young, we have so much to learn, we are fascinated by everything and our world is always expanding, then as we get older we might feel we have less to learn, perhaps we become jaded by the world in general and it loses it’s wonderment. We know what we like and don’t like, what makes us feel safe and what scares us.

Why bother trying things we don’t know? They might be painful or uncomfortable!

Why not stay with what we believe to be soft and fluffy? The problem with staying within our comfort zone is that nothing stays the same, so our world begins to shrink and our comfort zone becomes smaller and smaller…and all the time the feeling that we cannot cope with anything new or different grows.

We have to keep pushing out of our comfort zones and ensuring that our world keeps expanding. Dru yoga is fantastic way to help us deal with the challenges of life. Use it to stay calm under pressure, to find focus, balance or clarity. Use it to find the inner strength and peace that we all have inside of us.

In a previous blog I mentioned the oldest yoga teacher in the world, the wonderfully inspiring and youthful Tao Porchon-Lynch. Now there’s a lady who hasn’t let age get in the way… and guess what? Yes, she has a Facebook page!!!

Until next time, take care and please do “like” us on Facebook – prove to me that technology needn’t be scary and then I might be tempted to tackle Twitter! Ix

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