Dru Yoga teacher Isabel Carter started practising yoga regularly 30 years ago and has been teaching Dru Yoga and Meditation full time for 20 years. She has been teaching others to be Dru Yoga teachers since 2006.

Through these blog posts, Isabel shares her insights regarding diet and nutrition, exercise, yoga and meditation to help you keep your sparkle. 

Please enjoy, share and contribute her posts where you can.


Balance is more than just physical balance!

Balancing in tree posture Here’s a leading question – do you have good work / life balance? People often tell me that they’re so busy they don’t even know what work / life balance means, let alone achieve it, and yet I would argue that it is one of the most important keys to good health. In my last few blogs I’ve been exploring balance, talking mostly about the ability to physically balance, but I believe there is more to balance than just being able to stand on 1 leg. The wo

How can Dru Yoga benefit me?

Practising Dru Yoga The beginning of the year is always a busy time for us at Inside Out. Following the excesses of Christmas many people look to yoga to help them embrace a healthier lifestyle, we get a lot of enquiries and new students coming to classes. One of the most frequent questions we get asked (after “Do I have to get my legs round the back of my head?” answer “Definitely not!”), is “Why should I do Dru Yoga and can it help me?”. So I thought I would take this oppor

We have ways of making you practise during the summer holidays…

Dancer pose on the Isle of Seil Summer has officially arrived, the sun is out, schools have broken up and many of us are thinking of our holidays...but what concerns me, is what about your yoga practise?! So, whilst Inside Out takes it’s summer break I thought I’d better give you some ideas to keep you on the yoga path until September. First thing to remember, is that you don’t need to do a full class type session to feel the benefit. Just 10 minutes a day will keep you flexi

Stay ahead of the crowd with Inside Out

Practising mindfulness I hope you’ve all been “Liking” our new Facebook page – if you’ve not already looked! I don’t know about you but I am finding social media quite addictive and I love it when I get notification that I’ve been “liked”! (Or maybe I just need to get out more!?) Apparently, though, I’m not alone in this. Be honest now, how often do you find yourself looking at your texts, Facebook page, Twitter updates, emails? I read an art

Facebook – please like us!

Inside Out now has a Facebook page! You’ll find us at – please be-friend us! Yes, I am now a fully paid up member of the 21st century. Those of you who know me, will know that technology is not my strong point, however I have made determined effort this last couple of years to embrace it and learn new skills. I got a mobile phone and learnt to text in 2010 (no I’m really not joking, I think I was the last person under 90 not to have a mobile)