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Congratulations to our new Dru teachers

Could this be you?

Dru registered teacher

I know I said my next blogs would be on the subject of sleep, and I promise they are coming up, however I just wanted to do a quick blog to congratulate our newly qualified Dru yoga teachers.

I am lucky enough to teach and assess on the Dru Yoga Teacher Training course in Leeds and this weekend we assessed our third intake of students. They’ve all worked so hard and I’m so pleased to say that they all passed, which means we now have even more Dru teachers in Yorkshire (and some further afield too). Well done all of you – the Leeds teaching team is really proud of you!

Maybe you’ve fancied being a Dru yoga teacher yourself or perhaps you would like to take your personal yoga practice further, in which case why not think about the Dru Yoga Teacher Training Course? It really is a life changing and life enhancing course – it could even be a complete career change for you! You’ll practice classical yoga asanas and unique Dru sequences in depth, along with pranayama and meditation techniques and learn yoga philosophy, discovering all the fantastic benefits and gifts they have to offer. The highlight of every weekend, though, is without doubt, the anatomy and physiology section – you’ll just love learning about our amazing bodies and how our yoga practice keeps everything working smoothly!! (Can you tell that this is my key area of teaching?!).

If you would like further information, do speak to me or take a look on and I’ll keep you posted of the “Try out” days that we run in Leeds.

Take care. Ix

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