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What you can expect from Inside Out Dru Yoga

Guided cat posture

Yoga being tailored to suit the student

This is a busy time for us at Inside Out HQ, with lots of new students – and we love it! We love sharing our yoga and helping more and more people to find their well-being sparkle. Naturally we get asked a lot of questions about how we work, and about what to expect from an Inside Out yoga class, so I thought it might be useful to just answer a few of those in this blog, just in case you’ve been thinking the same thing!

Here are some of the things you can expect from Inside Out …

  1. A warm and friendly reception.

  2. Having completed our health questionnaire you can continue with your yoga knowing that your tutor knows how to best keep you safe, what postures are going to best help you and how to modify other postures to make them work for you.

  3. You will be guided and supported through all the practices.

  4. All our tutors are fully qualified, registered and insured Dru Yoga tutors. This means we have all completed at least 200 hours of tutor guided training to qualify and many hundreds more hours of personal practice, plus we have to meet the required level of Continued Professional Development hours to keep our registration and we have all gone on to do post graduate training too.

  5. All this means that we can adapt our yoga to suit everyone in the room. We never operate a “one size fits all” lesson plan, and we write our own lesson plans, tailor made to each class, and we can modify every practice that we teach. We do our level best to help everyone of our students sparkle. This is our guarantee.

You can join our courses at any point, and we welcome all ages and abilities. This is how a typical yoga session runs. We usually start with some quiet time, so that we can catch up with ourselves! We might then move into some stretches or core strength exercises before coming up into standing to do some activations to get our energy moving, ready for the yoga ahead. Energy Block Release sequences are a unique part of Dru Yoga, and we practice one of them in just about every class. They do exactly what they say on the tin, and students constantly tell us how peaceful or grounded, or lighter they feel after doing them. We then move into our Dru Yoga postures and sequences, different for every session. We like to share with you the benefits too so you know exactly why we’ve chosen the yoga we have. Usually towards the end of the session we do some breathing practice, in yoga we call this pranayama, starting with basics such as breathing deeply and fully, using the diaphragm properly. This in itself brings many health benefits, including improved digestion, clarity and stress relief, leaving us ready for some guided deep relaxation to the finish the session.

The only thing we haven’t perfected yet, is how to float our evening class students home to bed without disturbing their relaxation 🙂

You might have noticed that at Inside Out we only run courses, we sometimes get asked why we work like this, which is a good question and here are our reasons.

  1. By asking you to commit to a course this helps us to not only deliver a great service but do it at the best possible price to you. Plus, we do not ask you to pay for sessions you know you are not going to be able to attend, such as when you are on holiday or have another commitment, and if you pay for a session and miss it, we are happy for you to make that time up at any of our other classes whenever it suits you! We also ask you to come and try a class first before committing to a course, so you know whether yoga is for you or not.

  2. We like to reward loyalty at Inside Out, with many of our students staying with us for over 15 years, something I am really proud of. By committing to a course, this guarantees your place in the class you want, and it allows us to take our yoga deeper, so that we can introduce more challenging postures, or some meditation or deeper breathing practices. If we don’t know who is attending each week, or what their needs are we are not able to progress our yoga and I know that our regulars really value this.

  3. If we don’t know you are coming we can’t plan to help you! Let us know your health and wellbeing goals so that we can make sure you get the most from the course.

  4. We are results driven at Inside Out. I am a practical person and I want to make sure that you get the health and well-being advice you want, and the best value for your money. We know that the benefits of yoga are greatly increased with regularity and continuity of practice. Our regulars all tell us that they are pleased they pay up front because it makes them come at times when they could easily be tempted to stay home! And they always, without fail, feel better for coming.

I hope this has given you a feel for Inside Out Dru Yoga and what makes us tick. If you have any other questions or comments please do get in touch. I love to hear from you. Ix

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