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The gift of Dru Yoga

Sarah, Tutor at Inside Out Yoga

Sarah, Tutor at Inside Out Yoga

One of the things I love most about Dru Yoga, is that pretty much everyone, regardless of age or ability has the opportunity to practice, which ties in perfectly with my long term plan for our Acanthus studio – to fill it with lots and lots of Dru Yoga classes and events, so that there is something for everyone, and where better to start on a Dru Yoga journey than in the womb?!

We are really pleased to be able to offer a weekly Dru Yoga classes dedicated to Mums to be, starting from Saturday July 21st, 10 – 11am, with the newest member of the Inside Out team, Sarah Croft.

Sarah trained first as a Dru Yoga teacher, then did post grad training in pre natal Dru Yoga. This is great because it means Sarah understands the deeper energetics of Dru Yoga, so she can keep you balanced and safe not only in your physical body, but also emotionally. Although a posture might be fine for you to practice on a physically, yoga works on so many levels that some postures are not recommended for Mums to be because the energy is too strong or too “male” at a time when we want to nurture the female energies. You’ll still get a lovely stretch and tone, plus you’ll leave feeling balanced, calm, filled with inner strength.

I know how many hours Sarah has studied, and how many more she has practiced and still practices, so I know that you will be in safe hands.

Sarah’s classes are one of the loveliest gifts for Mum and baby, such a beautiful way to nurture you both, and an excellent way to ease you through pregnancy, birth and beyond!

For everyone, yoga will boost energy and refresh, whilst bringing calm to an over-active mind, but during pregnancy these benefits can be particularly welcome, and the gentle stretching will counteract tiredness and tone the muscles without straining. Stress during pregnancy and birth can be particularly problematic, leading to all kinds of problems, such as headaches, muscle pain and digestive disorders. Stress can even lead to a prolonged labour or complications during labour, including reduction in oxygen to baby, so relaxation is a key component of our Pre Natal sessions.

It is never too early to get into the habit of relaxing.

The best position for you as a mum-to-be is to lie on your left side, knees bent, cushion under head and between knees, blanket covering you. Put on some relaxing music and give yourself and your baby the gift of relaxation, allowing the breath to deepen whilst visualising your baby being nourished and growing strong.

A favourite pre natal posture is the Cat (after 14 weeks):

  1. Kneel on the floor, knees underneath hips and a bit wider than hip width (have a blanket under your knees if they are not comfortable), hands underneath shoulders and a little bit wider than shoulder-width.

  2. Keeping the back long and straight, gently rock forward and backward, going a little further each time (all within your comfort range).

  3. Then let the back move in a circle clock-wise, then anti clock-wise.

  4. Have a rest by sitting back on your heels for a moment.

  5. Then come up again into Cat posture and move your hips gently from side to side (as if you were ‘wagging your tail’).

  6. Finally, do classic cat posture by rounding up your back to the ceiling (lifting baby up) and then lengthening out your spine from the base up to the neck, opening your chest, looking forward and taking care NOT to dip or hollow the back.

Cat is such a great posture for everyone to do, improving flexibility of the spine, soothing tension from the low back and bringing some tone to the pelvic floor and low abdominal muscles.

You can safely start yoga from the 14th week of pregnancy and it is never too late to start – even women in their 8th month can benefit greatly.

Please do share this blog and details of our pre natal classes to anyone you think might benefit – at Inside Out we are all passionate about sharing safe, effective yoga practices for all, including Mums to be!

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