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New beginnings

Lying spinal twist

Restorative yoga

I know this is a busy time of year, everyone’s back to school, work or college, after lazy summer holidays and there always seems to be a lot to sort out and organise, but it’s a time of year I enjoy.

I always see September as a new start. A chance to start a fresh, try something new or just return to a favourite activity with renewed interest after the summer break. At this point, I am imagining clean new exercise books, that I was always so careful to fill in neatly (well at least for the first week!). We can let go of all the things / habits / attachments that no longer serve us, taking inspiration from the trees letting go of their leaves and make space for the new.

At Inside Out we are back into full swing with our classes, and judging by the amount of new and familiar faces in classes, I’m guessing you are feeling the same about September too. We’ve lots of great, therapeutic Dru Yoga planned for our autumn term. We’ll be working on enhancing the autumn energy (more about that in later blogs) to keep us fit and healthy as we move towards winter. That means we’ll be practicing our balance poses (I’m also planning a blog about improving balance) and working with postures and sequences that look after the back and joints, in particular.

As it is a busy time of year, we’ve also planned in plenty of restorative yoga, to help us unwind and let go of the busy-ness. That means plenty of relaxation, postures that we can move into slowly and mindfully, silent sitting and health promoting breathing techniques.

We very much hope you can join us and if you would like further details on our class availability please do contact us.

Here’s to a healthy and relaxed autumn. Until next time, take care Ix

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