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Back Aching? Get to a Yoga Class – Part 2!

Further to my post last week about coming to a yoga class to ease a painful back, perhaps you saw the articles in the press this week on that very subject!

A team from the University of York looked at the effects of yoga on 300 patients with chronic lower back pain and found that after 3 months of yoga classes the group doing yoga were able to do 30% more daily activities than those just seeing the GP. Further more painkillers were often found to be ineffective.

The following comment was made by Arthritis Research UK, who funded the study:

We’re delighted that our trial has shown that yoga provides such positive benefits for people with chronic low back pain.

… and so are we! So if you know anyone with a bad back, please let them know about Inside Out and our Dru Yoga classes!

Have good weeks and take care. Ix

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