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Back Aching? Get to a Yoga Class!

I’ve had a couple of conversations with students this week, that I thought I would share with you. They were both on the subject of back ache but had quite different outcomes.

Conversation 1

I didn’t come to yoga class last week because I’d been gardening and my back was really stiff and aching. It’s only just feeling better now.

Conversation 2

I’m so glad I came to yoga last week. You know I said my back was really hurting me because I’d been gardening at the weekend, well, the day after class my back felt fantastic!

So the moral of this story is – please come to yoga even if your back is feeling stiff or aching. Let your tutor know what’s going on and they can guide you through movements to help you stretch,  re-align and strenghten your core (stabilising) muscles.

You may need to ease up on some of the postures but if you listen to your body Dru Yoga is a safe and effective way of keeping your back and joints happy.

This advice is reinforced by Dr Dries Hettinga of the charity Backcare:

…it’s difficult to prevent back pain altogether. The important thing is to recover as quickly as possible – and one of the key points is to stay active. Quite often a combination of strengthening and flexibility exercises, such as …yoga…works well.

Take care, have good weeks and remember I want to see you all at classes next week even if you have been in the garden! Ix

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