Dru Yoga teacher Isabel Carter started practising yoga regularly 30 years ago and has been teaching Dru Yoga and Meditation full time for 20 years. She has been teaching others to be Dru Yoga teachers since 2006.

Through these blog posts, Isabel shares her insights regarding diet and nutrition, exercise, yoga and meditation to help you keep your sparkle. 

Please enjoy, share and contribute her posts where you can.


Freedom from sciatic pain part 2

I hope you enjoyed practicing the stretches I gave you in my last blog and have found them beneficial – they really get into tight buttock, groin and hip muscles don’t they? Continuing on then with my theme of keeping the sciatic nerve calm, I’m going to start with a couple of non-yoga things to help. Tennis Ball Release You’ll need a hard tennis ball for this, the ones I throw for my dogs are perfect (just make sure your canine friend is happy with you using their toy 😉 ) .

Freedom from sciatic pain : part 1

Eastern holistic therapies have long time advised that autumn is a time to pay extra attention to our backs and joints with Get your posture right to help your back an increased incidence in sciatica being a common health challenge to tackle. In my 15 years of teaching yoga classes I would certainly agree with that sentiment, so I thought that I would make the theme of the next couple of blogs all about easing the misery of sciatica – and anyone who has suffered knows just wh