Welcome to the New and Improved Inside Out!

Calm before the website storm!

Calm Before the Website Storm!

Hello and welcome to the new and improved
“Inside Out”!

So what’s new?

Well, we’ve got a super new logo, website and this blog so that we can keep you up to date with all the latest news and give you plenty of tips to keep you healthy.

(A special thanks to Roger V Moody Photography for the great photographs of real people enjoying yoga at our classes and Jamie Dobson who developed our website).

We’ve got a new programme of classes and of course we have this lovely new website (technology is not my strong point, so there are still “improvements” to be made and the computer is really testing my skill at staying calm under pressure – see photo!!).

We’ve also been listening to the views and opinions of our customers, so thank you for all the great, positive feedback you’ve given and although many of you felt we couldn’t improve our service, we think the tweaks we’ve made will make your experience of an Inside Out yoga class even better!

Here’s a few things we hope will enhance your enjoyment of being part of Inside Out Dru Yoga:

  • More classes, at different venues and times – please ask or listen out for details.
  • A new programme of workshops coming up for the Autumn, to ensure you stay fit and healthy through the Winter.
  • Plenty of healthy lifestyle tips and yoga posture focus, so that you can practise between classes and prolong the post yoga class benefits.
  • A wider range of yoga products available to purchase at class – mats, blocks, straps, DVD’s, books etc. – to help you get the most from your yoga practise.

…and the one that really surprised me…

  • You asked to do the Eagle Posture every week and you wanted much more lovely core and abdominal strengthening poses! (Only my little joke! but they are very good for you, so they’ll still be in the class!)

Well that’s all for now.

Take care and have good weeks until I next blog…


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  1. Roger Moody, 9 years ago

    Love the new website Isabel, I hope it brings you lots of new clients.

  2. Jamie Dobson, 9 years ago

    Great new website Isabel, it really demonstrates your services and gives you that professional edge over your competition. I’ve subscribed to your blog.