Private Dru Yoga Consultation

A private consultation with one of our experienced tutors, gives you the opportunity to really tackle

Guided cat posture

Yoga being tailored to suit the student

the issues that are important to you.

You’ll be able to discuss your requirements in complete confidence and then enjoy a yoga session completely tailored to your needs.

To ensure you carry on experiencing the benefits we can even advise you on how to practice at home!

One-to-one Dru yoga sessions are ideal for people who ….

  • Have specific health challenges
  • Are anxious or tense about a life changing event
  • Are wanting a little extra support whilst making healthy lifestyle changes or whilst giving up smoking, for example.
  • Would like to take their yoga practice to the next level or perhaps are interested in training to be a Dru Yoga tutor.

The price of a private consultation is £40 per hour and they are held at our Acanthus studio in Tingley.

To find out how a private consultation can help you please contact us.

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