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Top tips for a vibrant summer

As I’m writing this, it’s drizzling; the glorious sunshine of the last few weeks a distant memory…but I am assured that the sun is going to make a reappearance and we will once again be baking in the summer heat (ever the optomist!). In my last blog I talked about yoga for the summer, which more…

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Yoga for the summer

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the sunshine, and maybe you’ve even managed to get outside to do your yoga practise. Generally speaking summer is a time for feeling good. Warmer temperatures, longer days, more opportunity to be outdoors and for many¬† relaxing holidays to enjoy, all contribute to our good health. Summer is a more…

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Handling hay fever

It’s been a particularly bad couple of weeks for hay fever sufferers (of which I am one). It’s all down to the late (non-existent!) Spring and everything coming into bloom all at once apparently. So we’re being bombarded with grass, flower and tree pollen all in one go, when normally this would be staggered over more…

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