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Never regret your old age…

“Never regret your old age – it’s a privilege denied to many”, I’ve no idea who said these wise words but I do like them. I’ve been thinking a lot about old age recently and thought in my next series of blogs I’d share some yogic and not so yogic thoughts on the aging process, more…

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Computer misery and beyond!

The Archer

Hello! It’s been some time since my last post, largely because I’ve been having some rather troublesome computer problems. Still not sorted but I’ve managed to “persuade” someone to let me use their computer so I can blog again! My 4 month old laptop has had a major hardware failure, so it’s back with the more…

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Be inspired to be still

Just being

One of my favourite pictures in our Inside Out “Yoga on your holidays” competition (see our Facebook page “insideoutdruyoga” for more details) was this photo of 3 ladies sat meditating on a rock in the Yorkshire Dales. I love it not just because it is aesthetically pleasing, but because, for me, it encapsulates the very more…

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Moving into stillness

Just being

In my last post, I talked a little bit about meditation and I hope you’ve had the opportunity to experience just being. One of the key elements of meditation is stillness. Often easier said than done! However, if you can work on bringing stillness into the physical body then the mind will follow. Whenever there’s more…

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Are we human being or human doing?

Just being

It’s been a while since I last blogged. April was a busy month and this busy-ness has got me thinking! In and amongst all the busy-ness I was lucky enough to take 5 days away on a meditation retreat. I was at the beautifully nurturing Dru Yoga training centre in Snowdonia and, whilst I was there partly more…

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Happy New Year

Mindfulness techniques

Happy New Year! Hope you all stayed healthy and relaxed by following my last blog post! For my first post of 2013 I’m going to share with you one of my new year resolutions, to be more mindful and the reason I’ve chosen it. One day over the Christmas holiday, I spent some time (I’m not more…

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Stay ahead of the crowd with Inside Out

Visit and 'Like' Us on Facebook

I hope you’ve all been “Liking” our new Facebook page – if you’ve not already looked! I don’t know about you but I am finding social media quite addictive and I love it when I get notification that I’ve been “liked”! (Or maybe I just need to get out more!?) Apparently, though, I’m not alone in more…

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