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Take time out to be poorly and heal

Surya (Sun) mudra

There are a lot of winter bugs around at the moment. I, myself, have been in quarantine here at Inside Out HQ, and know full well the misery of these flu germs! I also know how important it is to take time out, rest and keep away from others if you do come down with more…

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Beat those winter bugs

Support your digestive and immune systems.

In the second of my festive posts, I’m going to look at a few ways to support our immune systems. How many times have you found yourself full of cold or with a tummy upset when you were looking forward to a break? This is a common phenomena when we finally unwind after a busy more…

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Is it time to look for an alternative way to take care of our health?

Bridge posture

There was an article in Sunday’s Observer (June 1st 2014) that piqued my interest, “How antibiotics are making the world ill” – it was an extract from scientist Martin Blaser’s new book “Missing Microbes”. In the article Martin Blaser explains why he thinks the world is` suffering from a whole raft of modern ailments, in more…

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Stay tip top this autumn

Well, we are definitely into Autumn now. The clocks have gone back, the leaves are falling, there’s a cool nip in the air¬†and I’m back in thermals. According to Ayervedic wisdom Autumn is a dry, cool, erratic and windy season. This has an obvious¬†affect on nature but you might have also noticed the “Air” element more…

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Handling hay fever

It’s been a particularly bad couple of weeks for hay fever sufferers (of which I am one). It’s all down to the late (non-existent!) Spring and everything coming into bloom all at once apparently. So we’re being bombarded with grass, flower and tree pollen all in one go, when normally this would be staggered over more…

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Don’t Let a Cold Spoil Your Christmas

A few years ago, I had a dreadful Christmas: I was in bed with ‘flu, from Christmas Eve until the day I went back to work in January – typical! I’d been so busy in the run up to Christmas with late nights and long working days, and probably not eating as well as I more…

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