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Sure fire ways to knock yourself off balance!

Ayurvedic wisdom

The last couple of blogs have been looking at how the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda can help us to stay well. Ayurveda firmly believes that prevention is better than cure and in the last blog I talked a little bit about how to recognise our predominant dosha or constitution. Once you have this information you more…

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Harness the power of your mind


We are rising now to the Brow centre, Ajna, the 6th chakra in our exploration. All about having a clear purpose in life, ajna rests in the space between the eyebrows. Visualise here a deep, rich indigo, imagine it flowing across your forehead, soothing the brow and settling the thoughts. Although this chakra is connected more…

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Restorative bedtime yoga

I was recently asked a great question by an innovative mattress design company, Casper (check out for some interesting stuff on getting a good night’s sleep) and thought it might make a fun blog! ….. So the question they asked was…. “What yoga moves can I do from my bed?” I liked this question, more…

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Top tips for a vibrant summer

As I’m writing this, it’s drizzling; the glorious sunshine of the last few weeks a distant memory…but I am assured that the sun is going to make a reappearance and we will once again be baking in the summer heat (ever the optomist!). In my last blog I talked about yoga for the summer, which more…

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Men! Your yoga class needs you! (Actually you need your yoga class!!)

I’m always pleased when I see positive media coverage of yoga and especially when it involves men. Ryan Giggs has been getting a lot of attention recently, putting his long and successful football career down to “Hard work, strict diet and yoga”. Russell Brand and Colin Farrell are frequently snapped with yoga mats under their more…

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How can Dru Yoga benefit me?

Could this be you?

The beginning of the year is always a busy time for us at Inside Out. Following the excesses of Christmas many people look to yoga to help them embrace a healthier lifestyle, we get a lot of enquiries and new students coming to classes. One of the most frequent questions we get asked (after “Do more…

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Making time for yourself is not selfish!

  We are rapidly approaching that silly, busy time of year again. Already my diary is starting to fill up (I am such a social butterfly!) and I notice that there isn’t a lot of space left. I don’t know about you, but I really appreciate some time all to myself. In fact, “me time” is so important more…

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Pukka Practices!

A couple of months ago the lovely people at Pukka Herbs asked me to “test drive” and then review, honestly, a couple of their products and as I was planning an Autumn cleanse anyway (which I mentioned in my last blog), I was more than happy to do this. So here are my thoughts on their products and how they more…

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Top tips for staying tip top this autumn

Well, we are definitely into Autumn now. The leaves are turning and starting to fall, the nights are drawing in, there’s a cool nip in the air and I’m back in thermals (actually I’ve hardly been out of them this year!). According to Ayervedic wisdom Autumn is a dry, cool, erratic and windy season. This has more…

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Eat to sleep – food to ease insomnia

Hopefully, my previous posts on sleep have had you drifting off to the land of nod as soon as your head hits the pillow (…because my advice has been helpful and not because my blogs are boring!). Thought I’d just share a couple of diet related tips which I hope help you too. Bedtime snacks: more…

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