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Yoga for Men’s Health Week


As it’s Men’s Health Week this week (June 10 – 16) I thought I would reshare a revised blog I wrote a little while back on men and yoga. Hope it’s of interest…. I’m always pleased when I see positive media coverage of yoga and especially when it involves men. Ryan Giggs has been getting more…

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Ramadan reflections

As we enter the final week of Ramadan I thought it might be nice to ask Inside Out team members Mazeena and Rakiya to share their thoughts on what this special time in the Islamic calendar means to them. Fasting is perhaps the thing most of us associate with Ramadan. I find it interesting that more…

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A welcome break

Perfect balance of elements

I hope you had a good break over the Easter period. I certainly did, and I was reflecting on this after my meditation practice this morning, considering what had made it such a welcome and restorative break. Here are some of my thoughts…. First up, I was ready for this time away to suit myself. more…

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Why does yoga class feel so good?

During a recent visit to the hairdresser the lady next to me was lamenting that she can never get her hair to look the same as when the hairdresser does it, and she was asking if a particular type of tong would give her the look she was after. (Stick with me here, I promise more…

Upside down lessons

In this blog I thought I would share some things I have learnt from practicing headstands. Not my favourite posture, it would have to be said, and certainly not one that I find easy, but as I tell my students, in yoga the biggest lessons come from the postures we find tricky, and I knew more…

Stay well this winter

Surya (Sun) mudra

There are a lot of winter bugs around at the moment. I know this full well, as I was in quarantine here at Inside Out HQ for over a week. I know full well the misery of these flu germs! I also know how important it is to take time out, rest and keep away more…

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Hello and Welcome to 2019

Hello and welcome to 2019! I have to be honest, I am not big on new year resolutions! I’m never keen on the idea of becoming the “best me” or a “new me” which seems to imply that I am currently “old and inferior”. I prefer to focus on Budhhist monk Shunryu Suzuki’s words of more…

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Men do yoga too!

Men do yoga too!

A couple of weeks ago I posted a little bit on Facebook about International Men’s Day, and how yoga can really help Men stay healthy. I thought I might explore that some more in this blog! There is increasingly more coverage of men “doing” yoga. Ryan Giggs famously puts his long and successful football career more…

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Join me for an autumn clear out?

Support the digestive system

In yoga and Ayurvedic philosophy the transitional seasons (spring and autumn) are the perfect time to have a clear out – physically and metaphorically! Get rid of the rubbish that might have accumulated in our homes, our bodies and our minds over the past months, helping us to move into the new seasons enjoying robust more…

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Keeping a yoga journal

Yoga poses

In my last blog I recommended keeping a yoga journal. A few of you have asked me about this so I thought I would write a few notes on this useful practice. Plus it co-incides nicely with the new Leeds Dru Yoga Teacher Training course starting, so this is definitely a practice that you will more…

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