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Yoga Books, DVD’s and CD’s

Dru-Yoga Book - Stillness in Motion

You can extend that feeling of post yoga class bliss and well being by practising at home. We stock a variety of Dru yoga books, DVD’s and CD’s to help you naturally take control of your health and well being in your own time and at your own pace. At your next class, simply talk more…

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Yoga Straps

Cotton Yoga Straps

Cotton yoga straps to help you reach that little bit further. We use yoga straps in our classes to help us stretch safely, so you can improve flexibility and muscle tone. Features include: Strengthened 100% cotton strap with non slip buckle Undyed cotton Natural colour Length 180cm Price £5.50 each, ask your tutor for one at your more…

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Sissel SitFit Yoga Cushions

SITFIT – Active sitting cushions from SISSEL. The SitFit cushion is an active, dynamic seating aid that helps relieve upper body tension and builds back musculature by exercising the back, abdominal, lateral stabilisers and pelvic floor muscles. Sissel SitFit cushions are also durable enough to be stood on to increase flexibility and fitness in the more…

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Yoga Mats

Non Slip, Latex Yoga Mats

There are many different yoga mats out there to choose from, and as we’ve been round the yoga circuit for quite some time, trying many different mats along the way, this is our favourite. Whether you are looking for your first yoga mat or your tenth, why not try ours – hard wearing, non slip and more…

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Yoga Blocks

Lightweight & Durable Yoga Blocks

Lightweight and durable, our yoga blocks help you get that little bit further in a posture, give you balance and that extra support when needed. Features include: Lightweight and durable. Suitable for yoga novices and experts. Yoga block in high density foam, size: 22.5 cm x 15 cm x 7.5 cm. Price: £7 each – more…

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