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Be inspired to be still

Just being

One of my favourite pictures in our Inside Out “Yoga on your holidays” competition (see our Facebook page “insideoutdruyoga” for more details) was this photo of 3 ladies sat meditating on a rock in the Yorkshire Dales. I love it not just because it is aesthetically pleasing, but because, for me, it encapsulates the very more…

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“The men who made us thin”

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Have you been watching Jacques Peretti’s series “The men who made us thin” (or indeed his earlier documentary “The men who made us fat”)? I’ve watched them all with interest and in a slight departure from my usual blogs, today I’d like to pick up on a point made quite strongly in last week’s episode. more…

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Top tips for a vibrant summer

As I’m writing this, it’s drizzling; the glorious sunshine of the last few weeks a distant memory…but I am assured that the sun is going to make a reappearance and we will once again be baking in the summer heat (ever the optomist!). In my last blog I talked about yoga for the summer, which more…

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