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Let go and relax your way to a good night’s sleep

Hopefully, since my last post you’ve been checking in with yourself and moving your body to burn off those stress hormones. Now I’m going to look at ways of relaxing, preparing yourself for a great night’s sleep with some restorative Dru Yoga practices. Before bed is not the time to be practicing dynamic sun sequences! This more…

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Sleep like a caveman (although not in a cave!)

So, how have you been sleeping this week? I hope some of the tips from last time helped. In the next couple of blogs I’m going to be looking at some more yogic ways of ensuring you get the rest you need. The first thing to ask yourself is are you actually tired or more more…

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Congratulations to our new Dru teachers

Could this be you?

I know I said my next blogs would be on the subject of sleep, and I promise they are coming up, however I just wanted to do a quick blog to congratulate our newly qualified Dru yoga teachers. I am lucky enough to teach and assess on the Dru Yoga Teacher Training course in Leeds and this weekend we more…

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