Browsing Month April, 2011

Sissel SitFit Yoga Cushions

SITFIT – Active sitting cushions from SISSEL. The SitFit cushion is an active, dynamic seating aid that helps relieve upper body tension and builds back musculature by exercising the back, abdominal, lateral stabilisers and pelvic floor muscles. Sissel SitFit cushions are also durable enough to be stood on to increase flexibility and fitness in the more…

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Yoga Mats

Non Slip, Latex Yoga Mats

There are many different yoga mats out there to choose from, and as we’ve been round the yoga circuit for quite some time, trying many different mats along the way, this is our favourite. Whether you are looking for your first yoga mat or your tenth, why not try ours – hard wearing, non slip and more…

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Yoga Blocks

Lightweight & Durable Yoga Blocks

Lightweight and durable, our yoga blocks help you get that little bit further in a posture, give you balance and that extra support when needed. Features include: Lightweight and durable. Suitable for yoga novices and experts. Yoga block in high density foam, size: 22.5 cm x 15 cm x 7.5 cm. Price: £7 each – more…

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Beginners Dru Yoga Courses

Support your digestive and immune systems.

Our beginners yoga courses have something to offer everyone, whether you are new to yoga, new to Dru or you’ve been practising a while and are looking for an all round health boosting yoga session. At Inside Out we really care about our students, ensuring that they are practising safely and are getting the maximum more…


Improver’s Dru Yoga Courses

Feel good yoga

Improver courses are the perfect way to deepen your Dru Yoga practice, further enhance the therapeutic benefits of yoga and learn more about your body. In our Improver courses you’ll be guided on how to improve your physical alignments whilst in postures and gain greater understanding of how to use yoga to keep your mind more…


Specialist Dru Yoga Courses

Savasana - the pose of relaxation

Sometimes we all need a little extra something! At Inside Out we sometimes offer workshops and short courses to meet specific demands. Below are some of our more popular specialist courses.          Meditation classes          Pre natal Dru Yoga          Kids yoga          Workplace yoga – improve performance, reduce absenteeism The popular Meditation sessions are more…


Themed Dru Yoga Workshops

Join us at one of our popular Dru Yoga workshops. Our regular themed workshops offer a more in depth yoga programme, giving you tips and techniques to help you manage a range of health and lifestyle challenges. A wonderful opportunity to indulge in some “me time”, have fun and learn practical and effective well being more…


Private Dru Yoga Consultation

Guided cat posture

A private consultation with one of our experienced tutors, gives you the opportunity to really tackle the issues that are important to you. You’ll be able to discuss your requirements in complete confidence and then enjoy a yoga session completely tailored to your needs. To ensure you carry on experiencing the benefits we can even more…